They never got better
I left, came back they right there where i left em
Dwelling in the depths of my lecture, drowing
Can't step up like they legs cut, i'm clowning
Scribing in my ledger
Is similar to riding in a lexus
Silent, getting my respect up
Better at putting words together
Superb's my get up
It's just some shit i served together
Man whatever
I gets my style on Sylvester
This shit hits, like the best of
Smoking the best buds
Make a nigga cough like check-ups
You need to see me when ya check come
Yeah sun, you know i does it for the style of it
Scoop up a pretty woman like Lyle Lovett
Mufuckas still frontn
But the crowd love it
Niggas never gave me nuthn and i'm proud of it
Fuck it
The hard roads what the god chose
I sip dark and blow woodtip cigar smoke
Fresh sneakers and cargos
Hopping out the car slow, ya'll froze all ya broads chose
YO, light a rello tho
Scrolling through my celly phone i see hella hoes
When i summon them they show..up with bunjamin rolls
Oh my nigga you ain't know (you ain't know)
Fuck bitches, let's focus on the riches
6's, deep dishes, amg kit benzes
7's, infnities from the heavens
All whites that hello halo like my brethren
But more important than a luxury whip
If a lovely crib to park the luxury in
Time is money and it's money to get
If money's yo bitch, pimp her don't give her no kiss
Shit's legit i'm a vet, but i don't respect, you to show respect or salute
Cause you the hottest nigga on earth right
But if i heard right, you just the third guy in a coupe


from The Grey Maxell Soundtrack, released December 16, 2015
Produced By: The Mighty D.R.
Scratches By: DJ Spoolz



all rights reserved


The Comdot Indianapolis, Indiana

The Comdot is a Charlotte raised Indianapolis based emcee, writer, and producer, with a sound equally rooted in classic boom- bap, slick word play, and vivid storytelling. He is a versatile artist who’s dedicated to upholding a higher quality standard that is oddly missing in much of today’s hip-hop soundscape.

The Grey Maxell Lp, a full-length album will be his first official release.
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