Aqua was released with a video as well. The song's purpose was to serve as a warning shot to let people know i was coming for them. I just wanted to make them respect the raw rhyming ability.


I rep peace
And to resurrect my niggas deceased
Philosophy is whatever it's gone be it'll be
Which means
Maximize your opportunity
Build in communities
Enlighten our brothers who think foolishly
Check out the crown on my wig, my only jewelry piece
Break bread at the table of kinds exclusively
Fuck the scrutiny and everything you choose to be
I'm the best you never heard, that's my true belief
Take you to the cup to get the buck or shoot the 3
Hit you with the Steph Curry chicken with the fenugreek
No coonery, bufoonarey, i'm a true emcee
Rocky Balboa body blow baboon the beat
The brashtalkologist, black excellence, iconic shit, mulit vitamins for rhyming strength
Back on the grill on the lion's den
Tiger limbs and teriyaki leviathan
I got this thing down baby
Every 10 minutes bring me back some scratch like psoriasis
Gmxlp that bonfire shit
Dylan, Dylan, DYLAN kinda shit
A connoisseur of respect
Check my collection
Anything is possible when you got connections
My only competition's in the mirror
Splash the aqua on ya face to see it clearer


from The Grey Maxell Soundtrack, track released December 16, 2015
Produced By: Scott Matelic & Patrick Stuckey
Scotty laid the foundation for the track, i.e the drum programming and sample flips. My contribution was the piano and live bass. Adding those elements gave the song a bigger feel.



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The Comdot Indianapolis, Indiana

The Comdot is a Charlotte raised Indianapolis based emcee, writer, and producer, with a sound equally rooted in classic boom- bap, slick word play, and vivid storytelling. He is a versatile artist who’s dedicated to upholding a higher quality standard that is oddly missing in much of today’s hip-hop soundscape.

The Grey Maxell Lp, a full-length album will be his first official release.
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